Superman Cinema 2014

Superman's humble beginning was way back in 1933, when two Ohio high school students gave him his start. The superhero was then sold to DC (then known as Detectives Comic) in 1938 and given his first outing in Action Comics.


Even the most basic of his fans know about Clark Kent's unusual alter ego's childhood, he was born on the planet Krypton, before being shot to earth and adopted by a sweet Kansas couple. Since then he's been put through his paces, defeated all the baddies the comic book world could throw at him and come out as the world's most loved super hero.


In his first depictions, the hero was seen as aggressive, power mad and obsessed with world domination, however, the character has been developed into a saviour of the world. The term 'superman' was actually coined in 1903 by George Bernard Shaw, to mean a "highly evolved individual who transcends good and evil". Hence we get the Superman we know and love today!


The brand of Superman has evolved in various ways. From the simple comic book, TV, film and radio adaptations and spin offs have been produced. These shows and movies range from telling the story of the adult Clark Kent to the high school super hero coming to terms with his powers.


The franchise has had humongous success. 2013 is officially Superman's 80th birthday and he is anything but a cartoon veteran. His story is still being re-spun and resold today. He had his first foray in film in 1948 and most recently he was seen in the hit film Man of Steel and will shortly get an outing in Batman vs Superman.


The hero has a huge following and has become something of a cult character. Fans across the world visit comic book conventions dressed has him to talk about their most loved moments and to meet the actors who portray him.


Pop-culture has snapped up the character and he can now be heard of in music, film and fiction across the world. The brand of Superman has been used far and wide and you can now get almost any piece of merchandise from clothing to homeware with his logo on.

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